Okay! sometimes you get bore of wearing the neutral shades of lipsticks, and want to switch up your look. By adding a dark shade of lipstick to your lips is truly the best way to go. I do agree it might get intimidating at times, but follow these five classic rules and add sexy to your lips.


Rule 1:

Don’t go crazy with the rest of your makeup. If you are wearing a dark color lipstick, keep your foundation natural looking and use eye liner with few quotes of mascara for your eyes. Let your lips do all the talking.

Rule 2:

Make sure your lips are moist and free from dry flaky skin. With dark lip color is it easy to see the imperfection of your lips, as dark lipsticks need a higher concentration of pigment. The more pigment, the dryer the lip becomes after wear.

Tip: I use a little Vaseline to keep my lips moist before applying the lip color.

Rule 3:

Like you need to find the right shade of foundation for your skin tone, the same rule applies for finding the right shade of dark lipstick for your skin tone. If you find it difficult to find the right shade for your skin tone, you can find celebrities with the same skin tone as yours and see what shades of dark lipstick they are wearing.

Tip: Berry shade of lipstick is flattering for all skin tones.

Rule 4:

When applying a dark shade of lipstick, make sure you define your lips with a lip liner to prevent bleeding. For the liner you can either use the same shade as your lip color or you can use a nude shade.

Tip: Blot your lips with a cloth paper towel instead tissue paper in order to avoid white residue on your lips.

Rule 5:

In order to avoid  your dark lipstick to fade before the party is over, apply lipstick primer or foundation before you apply the lip liner and the lipstick.

I hope this will help you to create some gorgeous dark lipstick looks. {LOVE}



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