A bride starts thinking about her bridal trousseau as soon the date gets fixed. It like the bride’s treasure box. She’ll ask her frenz for suggestions, mother’s will give their own opinions (asked or not asked), she’ll start making her own list of wants etc etc. But we all know that clothes have always been and are going to be the most important and major component of a bride’s trousseau. They help the bride to get through the initial stages after the marriage, whether its attending post marriage lunches and dinners, coffee or tea dates, festivals or close relative or best friends wedding. All the trousseau stuff comes in handy. Since we are focusing on clothes, I think the sari is one of the most sensuous of attire. It makes a woman look modest and attractive, and not to forget it pleases our older generation as well. Like my grandma would say “haye kini soni lagdi hai sari de wich” (meaning – how beautiful she looks in the sari). And now you have huge variety in saris whether you are looking for a contemporary sari or a traditional one. You will find it all. To make the job easier for you, I have picked out some saris that you can add in your trousseau.


For Weddings:

These kinds of saris are perfect for weddings. You can wear it for a close relatives, cousins or your best friends wedding.


For Day Events:

These kinds of saris are perfect for day events. Whether it’s a engagement, shagun or even a day wedding, these saris will go well with the occasion.



For Evening Events:

Whether it is a sangeet, reception or a cocktail party, these kinds of saris are perfect for such occasions.


For Casual lunches or Pujas:

If you are planning to attend a post marriage lunch, or meeting some relatives during the day or attending a puja, these kind of saris are perfect for these occasions.


All the saris in the collages can be purchased at and To purchase the golden border sari shown in the casual lunches or puja collage, you can contact Ayush Kejriwal at


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