Seasonal Discount

We all make “wish list”, and I am not exception to this rule. That being said, I wouldn’t complain if any of these items made their way into my closet; especially since they all happen to be on sale.


  1. ZARA High Heel Sandal With Mesh Rs.6990 for Rs.1290
  2. MANGO Slim-Fit Cotton Trousers Rs.1790 for Rs.1290
  3. TOMMY HILFIGER Analog Watch (Rose Gold) Rs.10995 for Rs.6595
  4. MANGO Wallet Rs.2590 for Rs.1290
  5. ALDO Sunglasses Rs.1200 for Rs.900
  6. ORGANIX Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Rs.725 for Rs.715
  7. ZARA Mini Bowling Bag Rs.2290 for Rs.1290
  8. CALVIN KLEIN Beauty Rs.6500 for Rs.2609
  9. MANGO Belt Dress Rs.2790 for Rs.1790
  10. MANGO Cut-Out Long Skirt for Rs.3490 for Rs.1790
  11. ALDO Ring Rs.600 for Rs.400
  12. ZARA Ballerina With Shiny Ankle Strap Rs.3590 for Rs1690

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