10 Must-Have Eye Shadow Colors

We all have our personal preferences and know what works best for us when it comes to makeup shades, but there are some tried and true colors that work well on just about everyone that are convenient to have. Whether you want to create an evening smoky eye, or just brighten up your eyes for brunch, there are ten universal shadow color every woman should have in her makeup bag. When armed with these necessary shades, you can create almost any look, from simple to daring.


Soft Pink:

Soft pink is a universally flattering colors of eye shadow. This shade of pink is very light in color, so can be worn alone or worn with a deeper color for an elegant look that looks great for day or night. Soft pink, whether matte or shimmery, is a must have color to add in your makeup kit.




Taupe is a phenomenal color to have in your makeup collection for everything from an understated everyday look to a more seductive look for night. Matte taupe is ideal for work or day lunches when you want to look pretty and polished. Shimmery taupe is perfect for nights out or anytime you want a more dramatic look.




A shimmery, golden hue is the ultimate shadow. It’s a easy way to define your eyes on a night out and make the slightest tan pop. Plus, since the shade is in the family of nude, its gives an option to play with. Its my got to color, when I want a fuss-free defined eye. This is one of my all time favorite colors 🙂



Classic Black:

Black is a definite must in your makeup collection. Avoid a sparkly black, as it will limit your use of it to after sunset. A matte version, however, can be used wet as liner for day and a statement shadow at night. Plus, it can be used for creating smokey eye.




Gold is a versatile color. With just one swipe of shadow you can go from fun and flirty to sexy seductress. It’s perfect for defining your eyes during the day, and at night can be used to create sultry smokey eye. It’s my go to color.



Dark Purple:

Purple is a great alternative to classic black. It’s a functional shade that can be worn to create a unique smoky eye or apply it on your lids and crease for a stunning wash of color.




For those who aren’t too keen on the idea of wearing loud eye colors, and prefer softer look, vanilla is a fab substitute. This is a great neutral to wear, when you want to blend colors, layer with other eye shadow colors, or tone down a look. This is a versatile color and compliments most skin tones.




Champagne with a hint of shimmer is one of the must-have eye shadow colors to own because you can use it under your brow bone, on the inner corners of your eyes to fake wide look or even to highlight your cheekbones in a pinch.



Chocolate Brown:

Chocolate brown is another flattering color to add to your makeup bag, and is a great stand alone color eye shadow. With just one swipe of shadow, and a little mascara you are ready to for party. It can also be used can be used to smudge along the lashline to make your lashes look thicker.

chocolate brown



Silver is one of the must have eye shadow colors in your makeup collection. This color is great to blend colors, make your eyes look wider or to create smokey eye. Because silver is such a cool toned color, it provides a beautiful contrast against the warmth of brown eyes.


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Photo Credit: Google


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